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Sharpeneing steel product description

Product Features

Regarding the steel filament stick knife sharpener, Chuan-Cheung has exclusively created one after twenty years of improvement. We are the exclusive manufacturer of filament stick knife sharpeners with over 500 filaments. As compared to other stick knife sharpeners with 320~400 filaments sold in the market, this manufacturing technique was exclusively researched and developed by Chuan Cheung. Furthermore, the body is made of special alloy steel that not only increases the hardness to HRC65 + / - 1.5, but also coordinated with the special electro-plating technology that was researched and developed for matching with the steel stick knife sharpener to increase the surface hardness (HRA) to HRA80 degrees (HRA 80 super hardness) and above. It not only greatly enhances the performance of the sharpener, but also makes our stick knife sharpener more durable than the general stick knife sharpener. And because the body surface is very fine, it will protect the cutting edge more effectively, so that consumers will be able to maintain the sharpness of the sharpening tool longer after sharpening, effectively reducing the number of times of sharpening and increasing the sharpening efficiency! 
Chuan-Cheung stick knife sharpeners are classified into different classes including regular, fine, and ultra fine to suit customers’ needs.

※ Regular stick knife sharpeners are popular everyday products, the vast majority of which are used as complementary good with knife set as a subordinate basic sharpening tool. The advantages are the price is fair and quality is maintained. The disadvantages are less durability and inadequate numbers of filaments which result to less favorable sharpening efficiency. 
※ Fine stick knife sharpeners are products of medium grade. Its hardness is HRC65 + / - 1.5 degrees. The number of filaments is about 330. Similar to high-grade stick knife sharpeners produced by other manufacturers, both adopt the same surface treatment method for fine and ultrafine classes. They are both durable and achieve the same sharpening results without causing damage to the cutting edge. 
※ Ultra-fine stick knife sharpener is the ultra-fine steel filament stick knife sharpener exclusively researched and developed by our Company. The surface filament is high. (500 or more) The hardness is HRC65 + / - 1.5 degrees. With special electro-plating, it further enhances the sharpening efficiency and yields excellent results without causing damage on the blade.


Cleaning Method :

Use a piece of oil cloth without scrap, dip it in edible oil, wipe the body, and dry it. If washed with water, be sure to wipe dry completely after washing and hang it in a cool place to air-dry.



For any kind of sharpening steel in the world, the main function is to re-build the blades and scrape deckle edge of the knives. 

It doesn’t? have real function of sharpening knives.。


Knives suitable:

It’s ?suitable for all steel knives in hardness below HRC62. The hardness of the knives

is higher, it’s less suitable to use sharpening steel.

Places suitable:

Basically, it’s not confined to be used on special places. But it’s more popular and welcomed by the traditional food market & slaughter house.

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