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Diamond Sharpener steel product description

Product Features

The diamond dust stick knife sharpener of Chuan-Cheung has been under constant improvement in the past few decades by the first-generation, second-generation, and third-generation manufacturing technology.

Not only are the diamonds on electroforming diamond dust stick knife sharpener unlikely to fall off, the durability of stick knife sharpener is greatly increased, creating a longer lifespan and better result.

The diamond dust that covers the knife evenly has effectively increased the efficiency of the sharpener.

The special treatment on the body surface is not only anti-rust, the sharpener is also more refined.

Hence, the efficiency of the sharpener is enhanced without causing damage to the blade.

We also engage in the manufacture of diamond granules of different sizes intended for the body surface upon customers’ demand.



Cleaning Method :

Use a piece of oil cloth without scrap, dip it in edible oil, wipe the body, and dry it. If washed with water, be sure to wipe dry completely after washing and hang it in a cool place to air-dry.



As diamond is the hardest mineral of the world.

So, the diamond coating sharpener is suitable for sharpening any kind of knives (ceramic knives included).

Although the effect is better, the knives will be blunt within shorter time.

And it will be necessary to use whetstone to sharpen the knives frequently.


Knives suitable:

It’s suitable for the knives with bigger blades, such as: sickle, butcher knives; not suitable for the knives with smaller blades, such as: fish filet knife.


Places suitable:

It will be half the work with double the result if you use this sharpener to the knives or places filled with oil stains.

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