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Ceramic Sharpener steel product description

Product Features

When Chuan-Cheung began R&D in this type of sharpener, it came across many unknown difficulties and frustrations.

Enormous amounts of capital and labor were inputted.

Under the persistence of Manager Shen Cheng-Hsien and Madame Hsu Ke-Hsin finally completed the anti-breaking & shock-absorbing ceramic stick knife sharpener in 2006 after independent R&D.

The product entered mass production in 2007 and has received appraisal.

The following listed features are intended for customers’ reference.  

1. This stick knife sharpener absorbs more than 70% of external impacts to achieve anti-breaking. It has also received patents from multi-nations. 

2. The ceramic raw materials of Chuan Cheung are all imported from Japan(or Australia.) and produced by special sintering technology in Taiwan. Ceramic possesses ultra-high hardness, high accuracy of straightness, and the ceramic body itself possesses low thermal conductivity. It is able to quickly absorb thermal energy and protect the cutting edge from being damaged by high heat produced during sharpening. 

3. The ceramic body has very fine surface that helps prevent damage on cutting edge during sharpening. Many ultra-fine particles, which are invisible to the naked eye, are distributed on the surface of the body. (For details, for more information please link to website By multiplication of 200 times, the particles can be seen in the ceramic micro-diagram.) Not only does it prevent damage on the knife when sharpening, it also effectively raises the efficiency of sharpening. And the ceramic body itself will not raise ceramic powder, hence it will not breed bacteria, will not leave a strange odor, is easy to wash, and never rusts. 

4. The ceramic made in this factory reached the Mohs 8 after the SGS hardness test. (Please link to website for hardness testing report from SGS.)This hardness is not only much higher than all steel knives in the market; it is also higher than some ceramic knives lower in hardness. Therefore, it is able to effectively and quickly sharpen knives. 

5. The weight of ceramic body is well below that of steel filament stick knife sharpener and electroforming diamond dust stick knife sharpener. The user will not be tired even after prolonged use.

6. The entire body of this product is made from non-toxic and odorless ceramic. Moreover, scraps produced during sharpening will adhere completely to the sharpener; thus, there will be no toxic substance or metallic residue. 

7. We also add Mohs 9 emery to strengthen sharpening efficiency and enhance ceramic body hardness to allow the product to ‘refine’ or even ‘sharpen’ ceramic knives.  

8. We are the world’s first factory to have shot the anti-break test of ceramic bodies on video. The anti-breaking property of this product is well demonstrated in the video. Please logon Chuan-Cheung’s official website to watch the amazing anti-break test on video!


Cleaning Method :

Use detergent and cleaning tools (such as scrub sponge) to clean the body and the handle directly.

Please be sure to clean it regularly to maintain high efficiency of sharpening.

Place it in a well-ventilated place to dry after cleaning.


The surface of the rod is very fine;

it’s very workable and fast to sharpen the knives;

it will not damage the blades are the characteristics of this sharpener.

But the function of sharpening will be lower if the surface of the rod is filled with oil stains and need to be cleaned immediately.

It’s effective to any kind of steel knives.

And it will be faster and much workable to the ceramic knives because the sharpener combined with corundum and the hardness will be at Mohs 9.


Knives suitable:

It’s suitable for any kind of knives. Especially,

It  will be half the work with double the result for the knives with smaller blades.

Such as: fish filet knives.

And it will be more effective to clean the oil before sharpen the knives.


Places suitable:

It's not suitable for the places and knives filled with oil stains.

So, it's not suitable for the traditional food market and slaughter house.

It's much suitable for the housewife.

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